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High Moor

High Moor - Graeme Reynolds Well I do enjoy a good horror book and having read very little concerning our good close doggy friends the ever pleasant werewolf I thought I would give High Moor a try especially as the price had just been reduced by the author for a limited period...and I must say I was pleasantly surprised :)) The action is fast and most of it takes place in the 1980's with the last third moving forward to the present. Anyone meeting or infected by the werewolf can expect to meet a sudden and very nasty death, we are introduced to Carl Schneider werewolf hunter extraordinaire arriving with a full arsenal of weapons to tackle the nasty epidemic of the werewolf. The real werewolf beast is the "moonstruck" variety and as the name implies only emerges at a full moon name but boy does he reap carnage.....whereas the more "pleasant" :)) werewolf can change at will and as the action in the book shows they are the only real weapon available to kill the moonstruck werewolf. The story essentially is the return of John Simpson to his childhood home and there he confronts adversaries from his youth....but in order to achieve a good and enjoyable werewolf read the author must blend storytelling with dark humour and Graeme Reynolds does an excellent job at portraying the full horror and joy of the werewolf sage to an eagerly waiting reader salivating at the mouth...with a little bit of blood and grizzle.....enjoy!!