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Night Marshal: A Tale of the Undead West: 1

Night Marshal - Gary Jonas I think I am being generous with the 2 stars but for the first quarter of this short story I was quite captivated by the old west, Jack Talon, ex sheriff and gunslinger, dying of TB and his lovely wife Sonya who would do anything to keep Jack alive as the TB was slowly but surely draining his life blood....which leads me nicely on to Christopher Smythe vampire and all round not so very nice person!
Jack is hired to kill Smythe...so far so good and I really enjoyed the action up to this point (hence the 2 stars) but then the story really goes nowhere...will Smythe agree to "change" Jack and Sonya (so they can continue to live and love...and of course drink a little blood along the way :) or will Smythe receive what he really deserves a stake through the heart...and his head chopped off! We spend the second part of the story discussing and debating this issue and "frankly my dear I couldn't give a damn" (that's a nice expression :) what happened? it just all became rather boring and academic the author ran out of steam and what should have been a good idea fell apart.......