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Terminated - Simon Wood I did enjoy very much reading this ebook on my kindle and if you are the type of reader who enjoys the style of Linwood Barclay or Harlan Coban then this tour de force is for you. The story revolves around Gwen Farris and a fellow employee Stephen Tarbell who are both seeking promotion, Farris is successful and Mr Tarbell turns somewhat nasty seeking revenge in what he sees as a cruel world...and that essentially sets the tone of the story! It's a fast and very enjoyable read with a story line, whilst a little improbable, nevertheless is a fun read. I did however find the ending rather predictable and I often wonder why books on the Kindle so often have grammatical errors and simple mistakes that with a little proof reading could be avoided. One such example is the following sentence "He left out the part out about" which should of course read "He left out the part about"....so come on authors and publishers get your act together if you are intending to publish books on the kindle...have them proof read, I'll do it for free if you send me a copy :)), these simple errors are very unprofessional and spoil what is otherwise an enjoyable read.