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Ghost Road Blues

Ghost Road Blues - Jonathan Maberry It is always a pleasant surprise to discover a horror story that really gives good meaning to what horror writing is all about. Ghost Road Blues at it's heart is the struggle of good and evil in the quaint little setting of Pine Deep, a quiet little Pennsylvania town now enjoying the good times but hiding a secret long past but not long dead. Into this idyllic setting roars the psychopathic Karl Ruger and his accomplish Boyd set on destruction and heading for a showdown with reformed alcoholic and all time good guy Malcolm Crow....if you add to this a list of characters tow-truck Eddie, iron Mike Sweeney and the despicable Vic Wignate then you have all the ingredients for a cracking read. The style of writing and the tautness of prose really makes Ghost Road Blues rattle along..."There was a scent of blood on the dark winds, and the promise of much, much more; a perfume of destruction and pain carried to every part of the town, even to the darkest and most remote of places. The secret seemed to sink into the rich earth of the town, seeking out those who craved that aroma."......and the lovely theme running through this thrilling read..."Evil..it don't never die" the bluesman said and looked left and right before adding "Evil don't die, it just waits" I loved the "blues" theme that permeated the writing and the mysterious Bone Man who saved the life of Crow some 30 years ago....."Hells a-coming and we all gotta learn to play the blues"...so what are you waiting for grab your guitar and join the show...fantastic :)