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I live in Bristol UK literary fiction and crime are my books of choice and when not reading I like to run


Inheritance - Joe McKinney What a great read that cuts across the crime and horror genres but leans more towards horror as we race towards an exciting conclusion! We live the cop life with Paul Henninger a rookie learning what it takes to live on the streets of San Antonia. Paul has had a trouble childhood and has been greatly influenced by his evil and cruel stepfather who not only is the cause of the suicide of Paul's mum but also sees Paul as a natural successor to the evil power and black magic that he hopes to pass to him...the charge.."You'll be able to see into men's souls. You will know their fears and desires like they were written on their face. No one will ever be able to hide the truth from you. Men will be drawn to you like a lodestar. I spent my life trying to see what lies beyond the doors to perception. But I was never meant to see that country. It was meant for you" "My inheritance" Paul said, his voice barely a whisper. "And your charge. You'll make a kindgon of this world"...... Oh and did I forget to mention that Martin Henninger is dead! killed by his own son and determined to return from the dead with his "charge" accompanied by some putrid and evil smelling bodies...zombies...we love em :) "Paul I am very scared. Your father possesses great power. Power far beyond my own. Even from the grave he is powerful. But your father is a dark man, Paul. A bad man. I think he has corrupted the power that he inherited from my Abuela, the power he intends to pass on to you. He is using what he knows to do horrible things" As we race towards a thrilling conclusion Paul begins to..."He was only now realizing that the vision his father had in mind was nothing short of an apocalypse, an end to this world and the birth of a new one populated by the risen dead. Power, true power, he saw now, had to be a logical necessity absolute, or it was not power at all. It was not enough to teach a man what to believe, or tell him what he should hear and say and do. It was not enough to punish him for doing or even thinking wrongly. It was not even enough to reprogram him from the inside out when the threat of application of force failed to compel total submission"......Will Paul defeat this evil? will Paul destroy the zombies? will Paul return to the lovely Rachel and have a good life?...read this Bram Stoker 2013 nominated book and find out...Joe McKinney has created for the reader a winning combination of good against evil that stays in the mind a long time after the final page.....
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