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Trust Your Eyes

Trust Your Eyes - Linwood Barclay I have read a lot of Linwood Barclay books and they all have a common "conspiracy theory" theme running through the pages and as such they can be somewhat predictable or equally...top notch...edge of the seat....slow down I'm reading this too quick!..type of book. Trust Your Eyes is firmly in the latter category an amazing unputdownable
tour de force that literally leaves you gasping for more! What makes this book so special is the character of Thomas Kilbride, brother of Ray, and somewhat limited in his ability to learn but nevertheless highly intelligent (think Dustin Hoffman in Rain man)He spends his days viewing and memorizing "street level" views (think google) using a
program known as whirl 360 and one day he notices a disturbing image that changes his world (and our reading experience) for ever. It is the world of Thomas Kilbride and the ability of Linwood to allow the reader "access" to the mind of a flawed genius that makes this book totally different to anything I have ever read, if you add to this the story telling ability of the author then you have a truly winning combination...just look how Barclay draws you in.......

She had out her notebook again. "Name?" I didn't want to give it to her, but how long would it have taken her to find out on her own? Five minutes? Ten, tops? I had to put my faith in Laura Grigorin to either paint Thomas in a good light, or simply tell those two to get lost. I gave Parker the name. "Good day, Mr Kilbride," she said. Driscoll nodded but said nothing. I watched the two of them go down the porch steps and get back into their government issued wheels.....I wasn't proud of what I did next.......Those last eight words have the reader hooked he must read on, he's addicted to an author who has the uncanny ability to introduce you to a story and refuse to let you leave until the outcome and the conclusion is reached...now that's genius :)