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Saying Uncle

Saying Uncle - Greg F. Gifune One of the best coming of age novels I have read. Once again beautiful soulful writing by Gifune "I was fifteen when everything changed. The events that summer helped shape me as a human being and define me as an adult, but also tore a wound through the heart of our family that would never completely heal. For any of us." Andrew Demarco lives with his mum, sister Angela and Uncle Paulie and one summer an event occurred that altered everything that came after. This is a story about good and evil and the fact that "shit happens" and when that event occurs you just got to shake your head and get on with living..."But then you get older and you figure out there aren't any such things as heroes or villains. He turned his attention to the sky now. It had stopped snowing. There's only people who do heroic things and people who do villainous things. But either way they're still just people"....