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Wolf's Trap

Wolf's Trap - W.D. Gagliani Nick Lupo is a cop and a werewolf and in Wolf's Trap he must bring to justice a demented, sexually depraved monster Martin Stewart. The sexual imagery in this book is important to try to understand Stewart and the disturbed mind of an individual who was molested and abused by his father. I love the way this book is told in the first person by each character as they appear and this has the effect of giving a different perspective on the shape of the book and the way the characters develop. What makes the story a winner is the way the author combines the life of Nick Lupo the cop with the werewolf that lives within him and how he manages to control the beast and the urge to change. "The creature stalks the interloper tree by tree, following his trail in the cold woods and preparing for a fight. Riding along, his awareness greater than it has ever been, is Nick Lupo, who finds it easier to let the Creature's instinct take control than attempting to give it direction. But he has learned that his will can influence, the Creature, defying instinct and making the animal more subservient. Part of his brain is occupied still trying to understand why the Change came earlier, but the rest is tasting all the Creature's senses and learning to enjoy the steady stream of information, the cold breeze fluffing the hair on his back, the prickliness of pine needles under his pads, the pungent scent of the other wolf's urine, and the night sounds that seem to quiet at his passing"......

As a thriller and horror story this is an excellent read, and I look forward to reading the further adventures of Nick Lupo, maverick cop and misunderstood werewolf!