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Ugly As Sin

Ugly As Sin - 'James Newman',  'Shock Totem' There is a point towards the end of this great story, an occurrence in the narrative which totally amazed me and I can honestly say I had no idea this would happen...until it happened....and if I was to make this known to you dear reader then the surprise and everything that went before would be meaningless......Nick Bullman aka "The Widowmaker" is on a mission of redemption, a quest to discover maybe something deep within himself and in the process make amends to his daughter Melissa for all the long years of neglect and hardship that his non involvement inflicted upon her. In the process Nick discovers that he has a granddaughter Sophie and this big bull of a man must now use all his resources and cunning to rescue her from the hand of kidnappers. Nick bears the scars of a brutal attack and his face has been destroyed in the process, he will never work as "The Widowmaker" again and the discovery of his daughter and hopefully the reunification with his granddaughter will now finally give him some form of peace. This is a superb story part crime part noir with a wonderful list of characters including Mellisa's estranged (now dead) partner Eddie Whiteside, the evil "Daddy", and Leon, The Widowmaker's greatest fan, and newly acquired partner...."Suddenly, Leon erupted with a shrill noise that was part lunatic giggle, part whooping redneck cheer. "Pinch me. cause I gotta be dreamin. The Widowmaker is sitting in my kitchen!".....Nick said "you know those days are long gone, right? I'm not the Widowmaker anymore." "You'll always be Maker to me, man. The greatest grappler who ever lived!" Mr Newman has produced a well written novel with an unusual hero in the form of Nick Bullman and in the final scenes when confronted with his daughters kidnappers the Widowmaker expertly concludes and brings together the themes of the story when he states..."You people are the monsters here," said Nick. "You're the ugly ones.".....