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The Season of Passage

The Season Of Passage - Christopher Pike I am a great fan of horror and good story telling and perhaps dark crime/fantasy with a twist Simply The Season of Passage is an adventure tale of an American Expedition to Mars primarily in search of a Russian voyager spacecraft gone missing...all contact with the Russian crew is lost..what fate awaited them on Mars?...will our heroes find the answers? From the start there is an atmosphere of doomed anticipation sometimes reminiscent of Alien, the feeling of isolation is forever present as is an awareness of death and destruction stalking the reader

On Mars one Russian survivor is discovered...or is he? He leads the crew members into the depths of hell as one by one they they are destroyed and the remaining survivors including Dr Lauren Wagner return to earth after two years....but what did they transport from Mars to earth? are they altered by their voyage? is earth in danger? are they carriers of an Alien infection?

This is a beautifully written and balanced horror story with elements of fantasy forming a story within a story. At it's heart is the age old fear of how,why, and when could the human race be destroyed. This is the first Christopher Pike book I have read and will most certainly not be my last...a marvellous intelligent read and highly recommended!!