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Hell's Door - Sandy DeLuca Hell's Door is a fun read, a fast read with an eclectic mix of characters that adds colour and character to a serial killer investigation. A series of of gruesome murders is occurring in Providence Rhode Island. All evidence points to Ramsay Wolfe the flamboyant owner of the Hell's Door members club. In charge of the investigation are Detective Lacey Powers and her partner John Demmings who go undercover at Hell's Door in an attempt to procure evidence against Ramsay and ultimately unmask her as the serial killer. As the story unfolds we are made aware that Detective John Demmings has insurmountable marriage difficulties resulting from the unexpected death of his daughter. In contrast Lacey Powers is a free spirit with a complicated work record and seems somewhat devoid of personal relationships. A private tragedy befalls Demmings, and Powers troubled past is explained and shown in a most unexpected manner. The ending when it occurs, and the unmasking of the killer, draws all elements of the story to a very satisfactory conclusion proving once again that the novella in the hands of a good author makes for a fun and highly readable form of entertainment.