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Why we run

Why we run - Robin Harvie Lets get one thing straight...I am a runner...there i've said it and I have been running for a long time over 25 years so I am no spring chicken :)) In fact as I write this I have just returned from running the Stroud Half Marathon in a time of 1 hr 38mins...and I am a little disappointed with this...that follows on from the Bristol Half Marathon some 3 weeks ago where I was tripped at the 3 mile stage...had to spend 20 mins with the local St Johns Ambulance receiving treatment...but still as all true runners would do...I finished...so I understand the obsession that Robin Harvie has and I can acknowledge his achievements and his need to run. I did enjoy his book and his preparation for the seemingly impossible Spartathlon ( and indeed it did prove elusive )I understand the pain, the obsession and the general feeling of euphoria that goes with each run good or bad ( I suspect I have completed in access of 200 races, mostly half marathons )I understand the loneliness and the need to find one's space in a world addicted to self. I enjoyed his little side trips into the world of Turner, the first Nike Bowerman running shoe, the acknowledgement of running guru James Fixx, and his meeting with the great Rory Coleman who turned his life around simply by running. If I was to take a quote for my running experience I would however refer to a book which in some ways is a running bible "Holistic Running" by the renowned Joel Henning "It is indeed a form of worship, an attempt to find God,a means to the transcendent...I have power, power that propels me cross country,puts me intimately in touch with nature, strengthens me....I own the day!....