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Faust 2.0: 1 (Mitchell and Morton)

Faust 2.0 - Michael  Brookes This was poorly written rubbish...think I'm being unfair?...well a book that has the audacity to compare itself to Needful Things by Stephen King stands to be ridiculed if it does not live up to its bold assertions!! here is a short example..."Speech became too much for her, she only moaned and shook her head. Dave put his arm around her. "I'm afraid D.I.Reynolds didn't make it. I'm very sorry." That to me is rather like a scene from a soap opera and I do wonder at all those top star reviews! The story (for what it's worth) concerns an entity/virus infiltrating the web and in exchange for granting the user a wish....he/she must return the favour. Well I shall certainly do this author a favour and remove him and his works form my list of preferred reading options....