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10 minutes 38 seconds in this strange world - Elif Shafak

Tequila Leila is a prostitute, a street walker, and strangely we encounter her just after she has been murdered. Her brain however is the last organ to die, and during the next 10 minutes and 38 seconds her sad life is told in a series of flashbacks.


This story to me is about true friends, friendship and love. It is also a tale of misfits, people who do not conform, people who are different, and by so being society in general treats them as outcasts. Many have been abused and looked at with contempt and distaste. After Tequila Leila’s brutal demise, her true friends saddened by the horror she endured take a decision which involves making a bizarre journey to atone for the wrongs she suffered.


Descriptive, filled with the sights and sounds of a bustling Istanbul, and some very memorable locations, most notably the “Cemetery of the Companionless” which by its very title creates a sad and disturbing picture of a soulless burial ground. Recommended