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One step at a time....

Walking - Erling Kagge

If only, as inhabitants of the 21st century, we could just for a moment, step outside the structured manic lives we lead and simply make the time to "be", to observe, to glorify and appreciate this wondrous beauty all around us. We live in a technological age, a time where we are made to believe that anything is possible, a 24 hour harvesting machine that consumes us, surrounding us with unbelievable choice and wealth abound if only we buy into it.

How wrong we are, how blind we are; wealth creates wealth...creates wealth.....creates consumerism...creates a never ending want, an illusion that possessions are the key to happiness when in reality they are the answer to nothing and only create a society wallowing in depression and mental health creating a whirlpool which we (if we allow it) are sucked into.


Walking, one step at a time, by Norwegian explorer Erling Kagge is a celebration of the immense beauty of this wonderful universe that surrounds us and all we need to do to appreciate this wealth is to observe, to become immersed in nature, wildlife, changing seasons, to take time, to slow down, to touch, to feel and only by doing this is it possible to make some sense of a society gone mad. Kagge's writing is sublime taking the inquisitive reader into the heart of what is really important in our lives showing us a world in glorious colour when often we only view in black and white. To enter this garden of Eden all that is required is the ability to put one foot in front of the other...to walk one step at a time....."with the utmost love and attention the man who walks must study and observe every smallest living thing"....."just as the body requires sunlight, the skin loves to feel the wind, and the ears delight in the sound of birdsong"......"to take one step at a time- can be about loving the earth, seeing yourself and letting your body travel at the same speed as your soul"....


A short read, a great read and one that may change your life, Highly Recommended.