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A truly great author

Pet Sematary - Stephen King

Having recently viewed the new 2019 movie Pet Sematary I was eager to have a reread of the Stephen King classic. Strange to say that the author is probably viewed more of a horror writer, but I beg to disagree. His characters are very  troubled and the people that he writes about are human just like you and me, and the issues debated are concerns that we all hold. In Pet Sematary Dr Louis Creed has moved his family from the heavily polluted streets of Chicago to rural Maine.When a tragedy strikes the Creed family, Louis must take decisions and actions that lead the reader to question.... What is life all about? If we had the opportunity and the know how would we resurrect those who died prematurely? In short if you could be God would you try to undo the past? A brilliant novel of loss and family values by a true master of the written word