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What an embarrassment

Past Tense: (Jack Reacher 23) - Lee Child

The 23rd outing for Jack Reacher  After leaving the US Army as a major in its military police at age 36, Reacher roams the United States taking odd jobs and investigating suspicious and frequently dangerous situations. In his latest outing he visits a town in New England where he believes his father was born. At the same time two young Canadians trying to get to New York remain for the night at the same motel Reacher is staying....and that's as good as it gets. Here we have an author Lee Child who has created a very memorable character, an antihero with unconventional ways and methods dealing fair play whenever he sees wrong, living off his own wits and his own code of justice. At the start of the Reacher series the writing was exciting, told in the first person in a very crisp style with very believable story lines. If ever there was a writer in love with his own success it must be Lee Child. You can imagine his publishers..."OK Lee it's that time again we need a new novel to keep all your fans happy! it doesn't matter about the plot or the story just include Jack and we will all be happy!" The result is probably the most absurd and boring book I have had the displeasure to read this year. Just think about the plot....Reacher arrives looking for his dad's past in a deadend town..meanwhile our two Canadians Patty and Shorty are trapped in the same motel as Reacher and it would appear the the motel's owners have a hidden agenda for our two young travellers. That hidden agenda is not very original and soon becomes very obvious...


How can anyone class Past Tense as a good story. It is only published because it has a winning formula and a well known author and so it can therefore be a commercial success. A very disappointing read and it saddens me to see such rubbish published...hang your head in shame Lee Child.