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A fine piece of writing

The Neighborhood - Kelli Owen

Welcome to Neillsville small town America where nothing is quite what it seems and secrets lie hidden waiting to be uncovered. Kelli Owen takes us on a little trip behind the curtains where a bloodied finger will be discovered in a pair of jeans, a pool of blood in a long abandoned house, missing children, untimely death, and a bus driver that the children long suspected hides evil secrets. The story contains some fine descriptive prose all adding to the creeping feeling of uneasiness..."The sensation of wetness lining the pocket hit her just as her fingers found something soft."........"the nice looking but apparently unremarkable home-empty since Jeff and his family moved away two summers before."..... "slid across and toppled into a puddle of what appeared to be blood."...."first the finger, then the blood, then"....(to insert a name here would spoil the fun for you dear reader) Many thanks to the author for supplying me with a gratis copy in exchange for an honest review on a fine piece of writing that has much to offer.