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Angels Flight - Michael Connelly

When Harry Bosch is sent out to investigate the death of accomplished lawyer Howard Elias he could never have anticipated the political minefield he is about to step into. At its heart this is a story of police corruption and the length that some senior officers will go to further their career, and in the process turn a blind eye to the stinking underbelly of so called law enforcement in the city of Los Angeles. The novel is written at a time when the mishandled case of one retired football player, OJ Simpson, and the beating of Rodney King are still fresh in the minds of so many Americans...."Everyone was oblivious to the seething hatred and anger that churned in other parts of the city- beneath the surface like an undiscovered fault line waiting to open up and swallow all above."..... Yet against all of that, one grizzled detective, is prepared to take a noble stand against evil and wrong doing where ever that may occur.


I adore the writings of Michael Connelly and his depiction of life, its hardships and cruelties through the eyes of one honest and incorruptible policeman the great antihero Harry Bosch. I sympathize with his pain, and his longing for some inner peace, his search for a partner, a soulmate someone to share his anguish and mop his fevered brow...It is the style of writing and Connelly's ability to get under the skin of Bosch, laying him open to an eager reader, that makes for some wonderful thoughtful observations...."The rich kept you waiting so that you could feel free to admire all that they had."..."Happy is the man who finds refuge in himself."...."He believed in the one shot. He didn't know if he'd had his yet- it wasn't the kind of thing you knew and understood until you looked back over your life as an old man."...."It's about hope, Detective she continued. Most of the people in the minority communities of Los Angeles have no power, have no money, have no voice. They subsist on hope for these things. And Howard Elias was hope for many of them".....


Everyone in this book is perfect from the strong storyline to the well drawn and very believable characters, from the sad and deeply troubled ex cop Frankie Sheehan to the political ambitions of Deputy Chief Irvin Irving. I rarely ever read a book by Michael Connelly that is not worthy of at least a 5 star review and this is no exception. Highly Recommended.