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I Am Missing: David Raker, Book 8 - Joe Coen, Tim Weaver, Louise Brealey, Penguin Books

I have a great admiration for the writing ability of Tim Weaver and in particular his two previous outings for missing persons investigator David Raker namely Broken Heart and What Remains. In Broken Heart the authors love of cinema and in particular "noir"  adds an authentic old Hollywood feel to the story in contrast What Remains is equally outstanding with its imagery of old wooden piers and the thrill and sound of Victorian Amusement Arcades. Weavers attention to detail combined with his journalistic instinct creates well researched and highly entertaining novels. So what about his latest? I am missing really suffers from a strong storyline. When Richard Kite is discovered alone, lost and wondering on a beach this would seem the perfect case for Raker, a client who is himself missing or rather his mind and memory totally erased. So starts the slow process of building a case and when the body of a young lady is discovered the race is on to see if there is a connection to Kite. An attachment is revealed between England and the fictional Empress Islands (think Falkland islands with its cold barren wintry seasons) and our Private Investigator soon realizes that he must travel to the islands to resolve the mystery of the memory man.


There are no Victorian arcades or Hollywood actors here instead we the reader must persevere with Raker as he brings together the clues and treks the monotonous and barren shores of the depressing Empress Islands. The story lacks the vital spark that was ubiquitous in earlier novels, it is only natural that in a series such as this certain books will be more valued than others and I am confident that the next instalment (due for release in summer 2018) will see our hero returned to a more exciting adventure backed by a lively narrative. I end this review where I started, Tim Weaver is a writer of exceptional ability and if you value well researched and articulate writing then become acquainted with missing persons investigator David Raker. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review and that is what I have written.