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A strange yet intriguing book

The Booking (Black Labyrinth) - Ramsey Campbell

An unusual yet highly addictive read. Kiefer looking for a job is successful when he finds employment at "Books for Life" with its peculiar and odd curator. This is an old fashioned bookshop and his job is to categorize the collection for the internet and readers in a modern world. A short yet intense novella which has a distinct eerie uncomfortable feel from the moment Kiefer enters the premises. Why is it that when books are sold a copy is still present? There is a great confusion as to what is reality and what is not reality, strange visions and encounters, and the surprise ending when revealed is a delight. To fully appreciate all the intricacies and hidden meanings within The Booking I plan to visit and stroll through the haunted corridors of this quaint little book shop in the near future.