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Children of the Dark - Jonathan Janz What an utter disappointment this horror story has proved to be! The start was lively and exciting and I had great hopes that this coming of age saga with 15 year old Will Burgess would have lots of memorable moments as our young hero and his friends coped with the sometimes traumatic experience of maturing from children to adults. Until we got to some 40% in it was all shaping up nicely, the usual teenage angst mixed with troublesome bullies and pretty "first love" girlfriends"........and then it all went wrong.... A rampaging criminal "The Moonlight Killer" had escaped and was terrorizing the locals, green eyed monsters with long pale arms (I kid you not!) were spotted and gradually commenced eating the good citizens and to add to the misery hurricane force weather was forecast! The second half of this sorry story disintegrated into a pathetic picture of green eyed monsters devouring anyone and anything that stood in their way......yawn...yawn.....................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz The only reason I felt the story worthy of 1 star was the unusual and unpredictable ending. So will our charismatic hero emerge from his troubled childhood, ( and in truth there were many obstacles, no father figure and a alcoholic mother) will he keep his young 5 year old sister from turning into a midday "monster" meal and will he gain the love of Mia, the girl of his dreams. As Rhett would have said..."Frankly my dear I don't give a dam*" and you may choose to disagree dear readers but for me this story was almost as bad as "Night of the Nazi Zombies".....and that's saying something.....................