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Tim Weaver just gets better and better

Broken Heart: David Raker #7 - Joe Coen, Penguin Books LTD, Tim Weaver, John Chancer

Tim Weaver is a truly original, elegant, articulate author whose style, finesse and shear story telling ability gets better with each new book. Broken Heart is a superb example of how to draw a reader in from the first page and to maintain his interest right to the closing paragraph. It is essentially a crime novel that openly portrays the author's meticulous attention to detail, creating a multi layered plot which is never too complicated or over ambitious. David Raker, missing persons investigator, receives a telephone call from the sister of Linda Korin and the request is simple.....please find Linda!


For those of you who have followed the David Raker investigations in previous books  ("What Remains" book 6 is an equally outstanding story with imagery of old wooden piers and the thrill and sound of Victorian amusement arcades) you will be well aware that his novels contain many facets, multiple characters with endless twists turns and surprises. We learn much of the life of Linda Korin and her marriage to the multi talented movie producer Robert Hosterlitz. Hosterlitz had been a sad and drunken individual who kept one big secret form his beautiful wife and as Raker begins to unfold the tangled layers to discover where the truth lies, his own life will be in mortal danger. Tim Weaver's love of cinema and in particular "noir" adds an authentic old Hollywood feel to the story as it progresses relentlessly in the search to find Linda before it is too late.


My highest recommendation for this book and to an author who grows more confident and exciting with each new publication. I look forward immensely to the next in the series.