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Not for me :(

Signal Failure - David Wailing

This did not work for me at all on any level. Emily trapped on the London Underground and strange things happening. How to get out? Where have the people gone. The story soon lost my interest and I felt little or no empathy with the characters, at least it was short and the tube journey was soon over! If the spookiness and claustrophobic atmosphere of the London Underground is to your liking then I strongly recommend Bakerloo Line Train by Tim Reed, at only 14 pages long it is very imaginative....this is what I said on my review in 2012.....""John continued staring until the train moved on, and her peculiar words floated back to him, resonating with threat "We'll all cook before the end" A great line in what is a cracking short horror story by a very talented author. A pulsating London, a crowded tube station, a busy rush hour and always the fear of the unknown...all these ingredients come together to make this novella an exciting albeit short read. Who is the mysterious John Rowe, where is Melody the girl he wants to marry, what is the significance of the Lady and the child and what part does the young Asian gentleman play??? All is revealed in a surprising and timely conclusion but let's leave the final word to the woman announcer "This is a Hell-bound train...to your impending demise"...read and enjoy :))