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A confusing and complex story

Chasing the Dead: David Raker Novel #1 - Tim Weaver

This is the third Tim Weaver novel I have read and I must say it was somewhat of a disappointment. In September 2015 I read and really enjoyed What Remains the sixth David Raker novel and in particular the London setting with the use of old wooden piers and the thrills and sounds of Victorian amusement arcades.


Chasing the Dead is the first in the series and Raker is hired to find Alex Towne by his mother Mary, although reported dead she confirms, to our finder of lost people, that her son is alive...why because she saw him! Is this true or simply the delusions of a grieving mother refusing to let go of the memories of her son. The reader is then taken on a voyage of discovery as David Raker unearths clues (literally from the beach) and follows a trail that introduces us to numerous characters and places before the final showdown and the uncovering of the Calgary Project. The action is nonstop which makes for a very complex and hard to follow story, I found that I had constantly to backtrack to remind myself as to the identity of a particular character or location. Even now having finished the story I'm really not sure what it was all about and what actually happened....and this cannot be a good thing? Suffice to say there is a fanatical religious undertone to the proceedings and in the final pages a somewhat miraculous discovery about Alex Towne's family which I found somewhat unbelievable.