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Good solid horror collection from Stephen Laws

The Midnight Man - Stephen Laws

Stephen Laws may not be as renowned as his contemporaries James Herbert or Graham Masterton but that is not to say his work as a horror writer is of any less importance. This is a very enjoyable collection of short horror stories; some are very good and a few are outstanding. 


I particularly enjoyed:

"Black Cab" The faceless driver of a city centre cab connected or not with the mysterious disappearance of a number of young ladies enjoying nights of fun in Newcastle city centre.

"The Fractured Man" What if you were a tortured soul and a lonely misunderstood man in your youth...would you not return at some later stage for revenge against those who had mocked you?

"The Causeway" Hugh a somewhat berated and criticized partner to the loud and raucous Pauline finally decides his own destiny. He clamps handcuffs on her right wrist attaching Pauline to the steering wheel and waits for the incoming tide to decide her fate. A unexpected ending completes a lovely little tale.

"The Crawl" A couple driving home on the motorway become involved in an incident that leads to a very scary encounter with a "scarecrow" figure " I had the most alarming and intense image that a scarecrow figure was going to step out from the hard shoulder and lay a hand scythe across the windscreen" The scarecrow provides a very powerful and memorable image in this fast flowing and intense story.


I received a copy of The Midnight Man from Samhain publishing in exchange for an honest review and that is what I have written. A good solid collection of horror gems from a highly respected English horror author enjoys a 4 star recommendation from me!