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Original and exciting horror story collection

Twisted Shorts: Ten Chilling Short Stories - Andrew Lennon

Andrew Lennon is one of a new breed of exciting young horror writers trying to make an impression in a very competitive industry. I was first introduced to his work in the excellent A-Z of horror by Iain Rob Wright and was immediately enthralled by his contribution in this anthology "Daddy's Girl"  Young Scott arranges a date with his new girlfriend Jane but before the evening can commence Scott is introduced to Jane's dad the wealthy and well respected Doctor Harrison. When an unfortunate and disastrous incident occurs it is left to Doctor Harrison to seek out Scott and show him the error of his ways. This is an edge of the seat story with a very unsettling but very satisfying conclusion.


Daddy's Girl  is one of 10 original and highly entertaining horror short stories within "Twisted Shorts". There is an energy and vitality about Andrew Lennon's writing style which makes his stories instantly readable and oh so memorable. I loved the random violence and cosy home life in "Family Man" where love and warmth can turn to death and hate in an instant and to kill is all part of a daily process..."Sometimes you just don't need a reason" This is almost a reflection of the throwaway society that we live in where rules of right and wrong exist but are so easily broken. "Time" is my personal favourite story, an ingenious work of fiction where the reader questions what exactly is the reality happening here? The narrator returns home to his wife Sadie where he is confronted by some wonderful news, a young couple so in love with their future before them. In an instant the story changes and we have a deranged, confused and sick old man unable to walk and puzzled by his surroundings. What is the connection between these two timelines? The answer and conclusion is ingenious and perhaps one of the greatest horror short stories I have ever read....yes it is that good"


Twisted Shorts is an excellent collection of original and inspiring reads by an author who is clearly enjoying his craft and more than capable of communicating this zeal and freshness to his readers. Highly Recommended.