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Highly original and enjoyable horror collection

A-Z of Horror: The Complete Collection - Iain Rob Wright

Well I have a confession to make I was 75% into this book of short horror stories when my kindle keyboard died and nothing I could do would revive it....electric shock treatment...stimulation...even talking to it nicely it all failed and so while I wait for a new kindle to arrive from ebay I thought I would share my pleasantly surprised thoughts and review with you!

I say pleasantly surprised because so often when reading a compilation of short horror stories my thoughts are mixed. Some stories are reasonable, some are mediocre and naturally some are poor. However IRW appears to have produced a near perfect set of highly original and most certainly very exciting little gems. I particularly enjoyed H is for Hell when Barbara is having a bad day and encounters a lonely tramp and what follows is a brilliant Groundhog tale of woe. In N for Noddy a young drunken drugged teenager must face the consequences of a forgotten night out with friends and how a decision taken in haste can destroy a life. I is for Ice is a particularly good example of how to snare a reader from the opening paragraph..Peter wakens up to find Doctor Faraday soothing his brow and encouraging him to consume a special blue drink. A lovely unexpected twist at the end creates a classic little tale.

So I have decided for the reasons stated to review this book having not quite completed it. I have no reason to doubt that the last 25% is equally brilliant and look forward to reading more by this exciting young English author in the very near future.....