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Enjoyable shot of well written horror

Panacea: A Novella of Horror - Adam   Light

I am not the greatest lover of short stories, possibly because most authors somehow fail to get the balance of the "hit" just right. A short story has certain advantages for the reader; you are straight into the action; there are few if any wasted words; if you don't like the author's style then thankfully the torture will not last long.


Adam Light succeeds where so many others fail and tells a "Faustian" tale (abandoning spiritual or moral principles in order to obtain wealth or other benefits) with great confidence and panache! Rob Arnold's wife of many many years is dying of cancer and there appears no hope of recovery until one night, whilst watching his favourite baseball team The Atlanta Braves,he is confronted by a commercial for a miracle drug "Panacea".."Tonight only, I am offering my revolutionary cure-all, Panacea, to the general public. The elixir that beat the pants of cancer can now be yours. Don't hesitate, friend. Pick up that telephone and dial the toll-free number on your screen, now, and you can say you were the one that saved them. Panacea is the answer. Call now and get back those years together you deserve."


Needless to say Rob is intrigued by such bold statements, what has he to lose his beloved Molly has only months to remain alive. The results of the drug are instant and what follows is intriguing, funny, and sad in equal measures with a conclusion that is totally unexpected, original and very satisfying. So if you need a quick shot of horror before the midnight hour have a taste of Panacea but be prepared for the consequences!