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Snowy horror melts away!

Woman In White - Kristin Dearborn

Although this is a short story it failed to make any real impression on me and I really struggled to finish. There is a mysterious and beautiful woman in white appearing in the cold cold winter in the small town of Rocky Rhodes Maine. Is there a connection between this strange apparition and a number of recent murders, all men? So we have a horror story set in small town America with faceless uninteresting characters, attempting to solve the mystery of something strange and huge that fell from the sky. What is the connection between this event, the woman in white and the grub-monster?


The one aspect of this story that I did like was the snowy setting which lends itself beautifully to the horror genre (hence the two stars) The stillness and quietness creates a strange and nervous landscape where anything could be hidden and everything is possible. Unfortunately the readers is subjected to the pettiness, quarrels and disagreements amongst the leading players, and the horror element when revealed is frankly laughable. I would however recommend Snowblind and Snowblind 2 by Michael McBride as perfect examples of a big scary monster against the background of a still and frozen landscape, and I reflect once again on the fact that there is really only one writer who could be truly described as the "king" of small town America.