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Impressive techno thriller

Killfile: A Novel - Christopher Farnsworth

This is an unusual and highly polished technical thriller with a little twist. John Smith has a special gift in that he can access peoples thoughts. However not only is he able to enter the mind of an individual, but by doing so he can influence the decisions that they take and ultimately the outcome.  His abilities are tested to the limited when he is employed by a billionaire software genius Everett Sloan to investigate a former employee Eli Preston and search his thoughts for some very valuable intellectual property he has stolen, the algorithm. "I want my ideas back. I want you to recover my intellectual property. And then I want you to scrub every trace of it from Eli Preston's head."


Under the pretence of attempting to acquire the services of Eli Preston.... "I was hoping we could talk about you doing some work for Mr Sloan again"  Smith visits OmniVore  Preston's headquarters and meets the delightful and beautiful Kelsey Foster. Unfortunately before he can probe Preston's mind his identity is compromised and he is on the run for his life with a bemused Kelsey.


This is a fast edge of the seat thriller with a relentless pace from the opening page. I enjoyed the way the author explored John Smith's unusual gift from his childhood and how he used this ability in the services of the CIA fighting in Afghanistan. By projecting himself into a person's mind Smith is able to understand not only what they are thinking but also inject thoughts and actions and thereby influence the decision and outcome.


Now hunted by enemies with deep resources and unknown motives John and Kelsey know that their only hope for survival is using his powers to the fullest even if that means putting not only his sanity but their very lives at risk. This was an enjoyable techno thriller which I highly recommend. I received a free copy for an honest review and this is what I have written.