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The Fading Place

The Fading Place - Mary SanGiovanni This was a fun read, not an outstanding read, and certainly a happening that was more suited to "novella" than story. Charlie and her baby Hayley have been car kidnapped by the somewhat deranged Simone. So we travel with them on a short journey and nervously await what outcome Simone has in store for the unfortunate two. There is a incident just after the midway point that I question just where the author was going.....A state trooper stops the car and perhaps this is the chance that Charlie has been waiting for?..just before the state trooper leaves the following happens..." The baby uttered a few fussy cries and Charlie, through sense of maternal instinct, scooped the baby out of Simone's arms to soothe her. Simone caught off guard, relinquished the baby with a small gape of the mouth and a half word that might have been "hey"....Instantly, she felt a surge of relief that Haley was safely away from traffic. She felt fairly certain that Simone wouldn't do anything to create a scene or arouse suspicion. For that moment, she and the baby were safe.".......So why did she not alert the polieman? He was closeby and Simone would never shoot them in front of the state trooper? This was the ideal moment to escape...this was the opportunity and Simone for the present had the gun hidden in her pocket. Yes it was not a perfect situation but the best that Charlie could hope for. Instead the threesome continue their journey and a more unlikely ending (in my opinion) occurs. I am sure that the author has her reasons for introducing this "escape route" and then refusing to acknowledge and use it? As I said at the start of this short review...a fun read but in no way outstanding.