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I live in Bristol UK literary fiction and crime are my books of choice and when not reading I like to run

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Infested - Mark R. Faulkner "A light mist was gathered over the river, causing the willows which overhung the opposite bank to appear ghostlike. Above it, the sky was watery blue as the sun, not yet risen above the rolling hills brightened the eastern horizon. A bittern boomed into the silllness of the morning and for the first time in as long as I could remember, I smiled......" What a marvelous and relaxed way to start a short novella about the invasion of alien spiders! I loved it, it is a well balanced story that sets the mood perfectly, our hero is on a canoe trip a time to relax and enjoy the lazy sunshine but then the author introduces a little teaser...."I wondered whether they'd found the bodies yet, how life can change in such a short time; one small lapse in self-control overriding what we know as right and civilized"...and we have not got to the spiders yet!...in short a super balanced, fun, exciting read and I heartily recommend :)))