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Nightfall - John Farris Oh it has been such a long time since I first read this little cracker! Angel has escaped from an institution and is on a killing spree to find his ex wife Anita and deal out some justice! There is a great list of characters in this fast and furious tour de force from one of the great horror writers! I love the setting in the deep south..Lostmans Bayou...sounds like a place for losers...and you can feel the heat and the swamp from every page :) So lets meet and greet the locals..Wink Evergood, Baldric, Big Dog, preacher man Wolfdaddy and the Next-Thing-to-Heaven Church of the Right-Way Gospel. Will Angel be successful in his voyage of redemption or will the courageous ex Vietnam vet the dashing Captain Clay Tomlin, who strangely loses his eyesight at night, save the day and rescue the beautiful Anita from the jaws of the Angel....all will be revealed in this top notch horror thriller!!