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Vile Blood

Vile Blood - Max Wilde, Roger  Smith I see this book as a very modern interpretation of the Jekyll and hyde theme. Shye our flawed hero has the beast "The Other" within her and if she cannot control him he will escape and cause bloody ravage on those around him. What made this an enjoyable read for me was the number and varied characters....few were good but most were evil. A special mention must be given to the giant Sherriff Dellbert Drum and a big cheer went up from all readers when he met his timely death at the hands...and teeth of the demented Shye in "Other" mode! Deputy Gene is trying to keep his young son safe from his sister Skye and the mad monster Junior has escaped asylum intending to wreck havoc and death. The story is secondary to the great list of characters and a few little gems of observation and advice along the way..."...door swung open, revealing a disheveled woman somewhere between thirty and death...."...."You asked me if I believe in the Devil?" She nodded. "The truth is I'm leaning in the direction of believing that God is dead but the Devil is very much alive." She searched his eyes for humor and found none. "Certainly, he is very much alive in me."