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Greely's Cove

Greely's Cove - John Gideon Good old fashioned horror and what a great little read with some super memorable characters. An ancient evil "The Giver of Dreams" has taken up residence in Greely's Cove and it's growing stronger, maturing through it's cycle of hunger and feeding, moving with practiced diligence toward's its goal..reproduction. Along the way The Giver of Dream is collecting and devouring the residents of Greely's Cove...can it be stopped...can this evil in the form of Dr Adrian Craslowe be destroyed only time and a hero in the form of Carl Trosper hold the key. Carl has returned to Greely's Cove on the unfortunate death of his wife Lorna, to look after his son Jeremy who unknown to him has been recruited and is under the evil spell of Craslowe....enter the players: Hannie Hazelford an eccentric old witch who fights the evil with her own special magical powers, Robbie Sparhawk, a forensic psychic who is present in Greely's Cove to help solve the mystery of the disappearing residents. The real star of this story however is Mitch Nistler ex con and assistant embalmer. Mitch has very few social skills, a rather bad drinking problem and very little luck with the ladies until one evening he decides that this luck must change and he will have the love of a beautiful woman..even if this woman is dead! "After wrapping Lorna Trosper's beautiful body in a clean sheet, he moved one of the massive black hearses out of the garage and drove his burbling, rust-cratered El Camino into its place. He then gently laid the body into the cargo bed of the half-car, half pick-up truck and covered it with a sheet of plastic to protect it from the rain. Back to its place went the hearse. The mortuary went dark as he shut off the last light. The garage door rattled closed, and Mitch Nistler, feeling both weary and exultant, drove away into the black night, bound for home with his woman"....and one night in the not too distant future Mitch arrives home somewhat drunk knowing that he has a beautiful woman somewhat dead, all alone and to himself in his home...and the unspeakable happens! Mitch is also involved with the unsavoury Corley "the cannibal" Strecker and as the story progresses and Mitch's life spirals out of control we begin to see and understand the fate that "The Giver of Dreams" has in store for Mitch. Mitch is a wonderful sad, comic character which gives a real touch of class to this horrific yet highly enjoyable tale of growing evil. Will good overcome evil and will Carl finally reunited with his lost son Jeremy, all is set to be revealed in this good old fashioned horror story told with immense descriptive power by Mr Gideon. I cannot understand why horror books of such brilliance are out of print..thank goodness for the power of the web..and we can still all with a few clicks find and enjoy such exciting reads as Greely's Cove.