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Gone - Mo Hayder What is it about crime writers that they just do not seem to be able to keep me the reader entertained for the complete read??? I have read all Mo Hayder's books and even enjoyed the stand alone's ie Pig Island...but here in this read we have a real dilemma..:(( The first 300 pages is enjoyable and the plot/storyline is a little different...and our two heroes Caffery and Flea are once again on the case. I particularly enjoy "The Walking Man" which in essence is a "sounding board" for Caffery, a man who lives by his wits under the skys and although he and Caffery share a related/sad past for the most part The Walking Man is a way for Caffery to take stock and introduces a nice touch for the reader...we should all have a walking man to bounce our ideas off. Living in Bristol I enjoy the setting for this series with the mystical surroundings of Somerset playing a major part...however this all falls apart if the story becomes somewhat pedestrian and predictable. Someone is kidnapping young children..why?..when it becomes known the answer is somewhat bizarre...who is doing this?...someone with insider information...any amateur reader/detective will soon have worked the solution out by page 300..and then there is the question of Flea??? What exactly is her role in this story, she is a police diver by trade....and well does what she is best at...eh..diving...why...not sure?? She's gets into a little trouble and blow me down the killer tracks her down..will our hero Caffery rescue in time!! Of course he will, this is a series, and so we plod along for some 200 pages...killer dies...Flea lives...what a surprise!! Dear author please try not to bore us the reader, this book was too long by some 200 pages, fine if the story merits it but if not it is a real struggle to finish...but finish I did. I started off giving this latest Hayder book 5 stars....but it became so utterly predictable by the final page I was tempted to award one star...however on reflection and given that I have great respect for the author I decided to award two stars...but come on Miss Hayder if there is no further life in this series and the storylines become even more boring and bizarre...perhaps it is time for Caffery and Flea to do themselves a favour and both retire.....