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Behold the Man

Behold the Man - Michael Moorcock Originally published some 45+ years ago this is still a powerful book and is best described as a novel about theology and time travel. It ponders the age old question, what importance is our existence? and looks at the nature of the human condition and our need to have a belief and to hope that our short time here has some meaning. Karl Glogauer lives a life of futile lonliness until a chance encounter offers him the opportunity to travel back in time to AD 28, and there he meets John the Baptist who in turn is awaiting the arrival of a stranger.....Glogauer it would appear has taken the role of Jesus and the story leads to the inevitable conclusion. Did Jesus really exist or was the myth invented to feed the minds and hearts of ancient world residents at that time? The need to have a belief it would appear is as important today as it has always been, we as travellers on this earth need to feel that our time here has some meaning, and when we depart these hallowed shores we do so with much contentment.