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Red - Jack Ketchum Well for those of you who do not want to know the story....look away now....and for the rest of you this is the synopsis! Old man fishing with dog, bad boys approach, dog shot, old man seeks out bad boys..gun battle ensues...old man survives but learns he has cancer and will die in the not to distant future...cue music..and fade...I found this poorly written with a tried, tested and somewhat boring revenge theme with one rather odd exception...about a third of the way through our hero..the old man Ludlow has a meeting with a young impressionable good looking reporter Carrie Donnel who for some inexplicable reason decides she wants to bed Ludlow. (I'm a young verile mid 50's guy, but I don't see many young women trying to jump my bones!! :) I was sure the reporter might have an ulterior ie find out about Ludlow's rather sad past (his murdering son) and then publish publish this story...no way she just fancied jumping into bed with the old man. I just do not know what the purpose of this storyline was just added to the overall poor impression that I had of this book.