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The Dark Winter

The Dark Winter - David Mark Tired old formula crime caper that adds little new or exciting to a very crowded market. DS Aector McAvoy (now its Aector....not Hector...as we are reminded on more than one occasion) is a big guy who in the past did the moral, right thing and threw one of his bad police colleagues to the wolves...and now not many people will talk to him (yawn..yawn) He has little or no self esteem and is forever complaining about the demanding hours of the job, get a life Hector (sorry Aector!) we all have hard jobs and it's about a life work balance. He has a lovely wife Roisin, and in one typical scene she is rushed into hospital with her pregnancy...but our Hector has his phone switched off!...what an idiot. In another scene Roisin wants some attention (in the loving sense) from your hero..but he's too busy on his computer with some police work (yawn...yawn)...get rid of him Roisin and get a real man who will pay you some love and attention :)As to the story itself, we have a murderer on the loose in Hull and a number of victims have been identified the connection as follows: "Not obviously connected, but certainly with a link that bears examination "Oh yes?" Emms looks interested. "The link between the victims is their survival" say McAvoy "Survival of an incident that killed everybody else. A former trawlerman who made it home alive when thirty odd mates drowned is found dead in a lifeboat off the coast of Iceland just over a week ago. A bloke who set fire to his own house and killed his family was burned to death in a room at Hull Royal Infirmary. A woman who was almost butchered by a serial killer was attacked in exactly the same way in Grimsby"....So the killer is targeting "survivors", I as an intelligent reader find that concept totally ridiculous. There are some redeeming features, the language is taut and the plotting moves along at a good pace...but overall a poor attempt at a crime novel. I will not be reading anymore books by David Mark.