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The Good Father

The Good Father - Noah Hawley If this book was a painting it would be a Rembrandt, if this book was a wine it would be a "1997 Domaine de la Romanee Conti Romanee Conti", it this book was an automobile it would be a "Ferrari FF"....this book is a wonderful,yet uncomfortable read about the way we live our lives and the consequences of our actions. Dr Paul Allen is a rheumatologist at a hospital in Manhattan, divorced with a son Danny from a previous marriage to Ellen...and one morning at home with his present family the FBI came calling and inform him that Danny has been arrested for the assassination of Jay Seagram, Presidential hopeful. What follow is a journey, not only for Danny who accepts his guilt, but more notably for his father who searches his past and questions decisions he has made in an attempt to explain and understand the situation that his son now faces. The beauty of the writing is that you the reader will focus on the issues presented and question the perceived values in your own lives.