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Swan Song

Swan Song - Robert R. McCammon To say I was disappointed with this book is a great understatement! I love the writing of Robert McCammon and rate The wolf's Hour as one of the best werewolf books I have ever read (followed very closely by The Wolfen by Whitley Strieber)However this is not a review of the best werewolf novel! but rather a quick overview of Swan Song...how did I ever get to the end, but I was determined to finish and finish I did!! So we have the world destroyed by yes those pesky Russians finally pushed the button and the response was immediate...goodbye world (goodbye Mr President..his air force one being hit by a bus!!....even Bruce Willis could not better that :)....or is it the end of the President? So the world as we know it is gone and we are left with the usual assortment of goodies and baddies....those who would destroy, rape and kill...and take! take! take! and those who want to rebuild and fight for the rebirth of the human spirit.....and that's about it! we follow this story line for some 900 pages and hope that the new Messiah in the form of "Swan" can bring some sense to a world in turmoil.....The story is "cliche ridden" with the evil players doing what evil players do...ie rape and pillage...and more rape and pillage...hungry for power and to destroy well just about anyone who stands in their way. The good guys all love and kisses and lots of "going to San Francisco flower power" hoping to resist the evil and rebuild a much better world....yawn...yawn. There is one scene in particular when the forces of Roland Croninger are attacking the last stronghold of Swan and her company of followers, fighting off tanks and guns with nothing but the human spirit....I thought Yul Brynner and his magnificient 7....where are you when we need you....I could go on but I'm getting bored, so many people loved this novel and I feel I am doing it justice with 2 stars rather and 1 ....and that's only because I enjoyed the ending and am a great fan of "The Waltons"...good night mum..good night Mary Ellen...good night John boy...good night Elizabeth...and good night Swan Song!!