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Survivor - J.F. Gonzalez Not a bad little read if you like your horror more of the visceral variety. Lisa Miller is kidnapped by some thoroughly nasty "snuff" movie buffs and they are planning to have her as the next star attraction!, but she manages to escape...and rather unfortunately (now this is really bad luck) is kidnapped again by the same nasties! Personally I don't really enjoy graphic horror, and am more a fan of the soul searching depressive yet highly emotive writings of Greg f Gifune, Kealan Patrick Burke, and Gary McMahon (hurrah for the British!) to name but a few current dark fiction authors. Having said that Survivor is a fun "no-brainer" easy little read (albeit a little gory in parts)My favourite character is Mabel Schneider, a little old lady of 80 something who enjoys the "snuff movie" scene (will it's a hobby and it keeps her active:) and has a penchant for eating human eyes...lighly boiled with a little salt....everyone to their own taste...and that may give you and idea of the direction this book takes. It's fun but equally forgettable read with a thoughtful ending, which I will not disclose, but fits in nicely with the general theme of the book.