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Mr. Midnight

Mr. Midnight - Allan Leverone Allan leverone has managed to blend what is essentially a simple story into an incredibly exciting read. Cait was seperated from her twin Milo at birth and all her life has been plaged by images or "Flickers" as she prefers to call them. Milo is similarly affected but his images have much more senister undertones "He hated the visions, wished for the millionth time in his miserable life he could be a normal guy with a normal brain, unencumbered by the enending onslaught of mental pictures and snippets of the thoughts and conversations of strangers. Then maybe this compulsion to hunt and torture and kill would disappear. Maybe he could finally achieve some peace. Maybe." Cait, in an attempt to understand her strange affliction, resolves to find her estranged mother Virginia Ayers and closely assisted and accompanied by her understanding boyfriend Kevin embarks on a journey of discovery north from her home in Tampa..a journey that will alter her life forever. In the meantime Milo "Mr Midnight" is engaging in some rather unsavoury activities and soon their paths will cross in a violent and bloody conclusion. This story just rattles along, demands to be read in one or two sittings and concludes in a very satisfactory and surprising manner. It's good to read a horror story that starts well, continues at a great pace and finishes in an unexpected manner.