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Dog Days - Deadly Passage (Journalstone's Doubledown)

Dog Days - Deadly Passage - Joe McKinney, Sanford Allen Dog Days/Deadly Passage as the name implies is a combination of two short books in one easily read volume. The first is by far the superior and is a great coming of age novella by Joe McKinney.Mark Eckert becomes involved in a brutal murder hunt with a killer who is growing in strenth and seems to be affected by the full moon.....I do wish Dog Days had been a longer read, it was sharp and witty with some great touches of teenage angst and brutal horror. In "Deadly Passage", the slave ship Lombard sets off from Africa, beginning its brutal passage to the New World. Unknown to the crew an evil presence is also aboard the ship and intent on the total destruction of all. The two stories combined are a fast read and one I did enjoy, I did consider awarding 3 stars but the Joe McKinney element gives an instant promotion to 4!!