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A Life Too Short: The Tragedy of Robert Enke

A Life Too Short: The Tragedy of Robert Enke - Ronald Reng "People wondered why he saw everything in such a negative way, why he couldn't pull himself together. They didn't understand that he was powerless in the face of it. He could no longer control it. His brain function was altered; synapses inside his head seemed to be blocked. He found it hard to concentrate from day to day" This is such a depressing and yet a very important book to read as it deals with depression and the effect it has on the everyday life of the sufferer and his family. I have read this book and yet I still fail to understand why someone with so much to live for, someone who in material terms had a very successful career, could so easily take his own life. The author successfully argues and demonstrates through the sad life of Robert Enke that depression is an illness so misunderstood by the callous money grabbing society we as humans have chosen to create, it can strike at anybody and when it does the results are devastating. I cannot say I enjoyed this book, and I cannot say I fully understand how anyone could end it all by walking in front of a speeding train....but I am glad I read the sad words and images contained within it's pages and hope that in future I may have more understanding of a devastating state of mind.