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The Matrix

The Matrix - Jonathan Aycliffe Old fashioned horror story, Andrew Macleod becomes obsessed with the occult and falls under the spell of the mysterious Duncan Mylne, who has a secret agenda and Andrew is an essential part of his future plans. The writing is very descriptive and as with all classic horror relies on the imagination of the reader to bring the story to life in his mind...."And yet, for all the neglect, the building had lost none of it's power. It had been designed to communicate a sense of religious awe, and that remained in the sheer scale with which it towered over the passer-by. But it possessed something else, something I had felt the first time I saw it in my dreams; a sense of brooding evil so overpowering that it took the breath away. There was a force in the very fabric of the building, a strength of purpose, as thought the stones themselves had been imbued with a malign and ancient consciousness. Even without setting foot inside, I could feel that same presence of fear and loathing and brutality..." The story evolves around a book known as "Matrix Aeternitatis" and the evil vision within, taking the reader on a journey from the island of Stornoway to the rain soaked streets of Edinburgh and the oppressive heat of North Africa. As we race towards an exciting conclusion Andrew Macleod must use all his cunning to outwit the evil that accompanies Duncan Mylne.