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Night of the Nazi Zombies - Michael G. Thomas Yet another book of pure horror rubbish! What is it about so many horror writers today that they just do not get it...they need to have as a fundamental a decent story and that is just not present here in Night of the Nazi Zombies. I actually enjoyed the start, boys own for sure but nothing wrong with that...D Day is imminent and our heroes have a very hard landing on French soil ahead of the main invasion fleet. The task of Lieutenant Harvey and Sgt Smith is to attack and preserve bridges so that our lads can make successful inroads into France part of the great push to Berlin....and then they run into some deranged Zombies...and that's the end of the story as the remainder of the book is devoted to descriptions of repelling the attacks of blood thirsty Zombies...woa what a story...how well thought out...you should hang your head in shame for writing such puerile rubbish (how did I ever finish) The grammar is atrocious...do these so called "books" (and I use the term loosely) never get proof read?? I love horror but writing of this nature does more to damage the reputation of this genre and in my opinion should never be published!!