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The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games is the first in a trilogy and what a great book it is. Although aimed at the "teen" market it is a pleasant and very enjoyable read for an adult. The plot is simple...2 contestants are selected from 12 areas (giving 24 in total) to travel to the capital and fight in the yearly Hunger Games. Of those 24 only the winner will survive in a contest of kill and be killed and only those quick of foot and mind can hope to successfully compete as the numbers reduce and the contestants are systematically killed. There are without doubt parallels with the Ancient Romans and the bloody games held in the Colosseum but I loved the fresh and direct approach of the author, the contestants really came alive and as a passive observer I hoped that Katmiss Everdeen would be crowned the eventual winner. My favourite character is the beautiful Caesar Flickerman (a name that seems to draw parallels from both Roman and German origin) and he is the man who has hosted the interviews, prior to the games, for more than 40 years...."He bounces onto the stage, it's a little scary because his appearance has been virtually unchanged during all that time, same face under a coat of pure white make-up. Same hairstyle that he dyes a different colour for each Hunger Games. Same ceremonial suit, midnight blue dotted with a thousand electric bulbs that twinkle like stars...." I am looking forward to reading books 2 & 3...a great treat for all teenagers and adults alike...read and enjoy and give thanks for the flamboyant Caesar Flickerman :))