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Face of Evil (The Dead Man, #1)

Face of Evil - Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin Periodically I read a book that is so brilliant, intelligent, and entertaining that I am empowered by a sense of duty to share my feelings with the rest of the universe! Face of Evil is the story of Matt Cahill who spends his day at work in the Pacific North West, keeping his friend Andy out of trouble, moaning the early demise of his wife, and attempting to understand his feelings towards Rachael a work colleague and it would appear his greatest fan. Matt is involved in a skiing accident and buried alive under an avalanche. Some three weeks later his body is found miraculously still showing signs of life and suddenly we see the emergence of a new Matt! He has the ability to see the evil in man which manifests itself as putrid and pus riddled dead flesh!! What makes this short story so special is the direct and witty use of dialogue and the brilliant blending of thriller and horror…highly entertaining and funny in its approach. I am reminded of Scott Sigler’s adrenalined fuelled horror read “Infected” and the classic American Werewolf in London. Lee Goldberg as author is a very capable screenwriter and his very brash, visual and bold audience grabbing approach is very evident in this short compulsive read. I highly recommend and look forward to reading the continuation of the series.